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VALUES & CHANGE is a corporate coaching company and recognized leader in executive coaching and organizational development, located in Paris. We help both organizations and individuals, from various industries and corporate cultures, achieve measurable improvement and develop strategic leadership. 

Our commitment to you:

To help you foster effective communication,

To find and develop your unique leadership style, 

To enable intelligent decision making,

To stimulate creative problem solving,

To significantly increase levels of self-confidence. 

Our sessions are tailored to your organization’s unique needs and drive long-term business results. 

VALUES & CHANGE is a Professional Coaching company located in Paris, serving a clientele of corporate actors and organizations of all sizes.






VALUES & CHANGE aims to achieve measurable success for individuals and businesses through a solution-oriented coaching and a comprehensive, context-specific coaching process. 

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Focus on the essentials

Gain confidence, express what is on your mind, clarify your needs and understand how to turn your doubts into opportunities for personal growth, through sessions tailored to meet  your specific needs.


Learn how to inspire

Leadership refers to the confidence and impact we have on the system we work with. Reveal your natural qualities and innate skills. 

Learn how to adapt your posture to have an impact on your collaborators. Develop your managerial and communication skills.

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Work Together

Team-Building: Understand the specific needs of a team, aim for challenges, learn how to adapt and manage with intelligence. 

Diversity as an asset for better performance: Intercultural coaching helps to develop skills through diversity, and see cultural differences as an essential lever for sustainable performance.



  •  Finding the group’s dynamic and assuring everyone can express his/her own individuality

  • Identifying each person’s specific values and key roles 

  • Understanding the implications of a successful collaboration 

  • Helping you manage stress in the workplace

  • Observing and understanding relationship dynamics

  • Determining individual objectives and integrating them to the group’s goals

  •  Clarifying the implications of effective communication

  • Encouraging ease and individual charisma within a group 



=> Generating personal awareness

=> Managing personal stress 

=> Boosting confidence (inside-out)

=> Bringing out in the open what needs to be formulated 

=> Observing behavioral mechanisms, preferences and personal skills 

=> Placing personal leadership at the service of the group for positive management and healthy interactions 

=> Offering new meaning and perspective to every member of the group 

 => A customized and authentic session: curiosity, creativity and generosity are the heart of these authentic and compassionate exchanges between the coach and the members of the session. 

=> A committed effort for concrete, measurable results that serve each individual as well as the group. 

Examples of specific situations :

  • Adaptation to change, restructuring work

  • Team building and management training 

  • Work transfers or career transitioning 

  • Goal setting 

  • Conflict resolution 


Valérie Louise Fobe
Founder of Values & Change

My values & path

 Belgian but born in Japan, I have lived abroad for a significant part of my life. These repeated changes, as I moved from one country to another, have developed a considerable curiosity for the interrelation between humans and their environment.

Although we are flexible beings, constantly adapting to our socio-professional environment and life circumstances, we sometimes tend to forget who we could be without these limitations.

My work therefore aims to help you explore, familiarize yourself and reconnect with

your deepest aspirations,

your most hidden talents

and the defense mechanisms 

which all shape your personal and professional path.

After starting my career in media at CONDÉ NAST Publications in Milan and Paris, I went on to work in team management, event organization and public relations for different companies, before founding my own venture, VALUES & CHANGE. 

Author of two titles on the Enneagram, published by the Editions Leducs in 2016 and 2017, I help clients understand the part they play within a group and identify their behaviors in the workplace.

My long-standing passion for human complexity and the relationships at stake, has led me to improve performances, increase productivity and develop skills for many individuals and businesses through a solution-oriented coaching and a genuine, profound appreciation for individuals.